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Here we will go through the reasons why Nestle Lactogen is considered Best Mother’s Milk Alternative. There are certain reasons behind which is considered to the Best Alternative of Mother’s Milk

List of Reasons behind considering Best Mother Milk Alternative are:

  1. Brand Value: Offcourse the biggest reason behind considering Best Mother Alternative is its Brand Value:  Nestle company is on the of the old established company Not operating in just only one country but is being operated in many countries which simply makes it MNC [Multi National Company].  This MNC is Operating over the World for More than 150 Years.  Nestle Company is Established in 1866.
  2. Trust: Naturally if you are using Product of Nestle then Automatically Trust will come due to its Brand Value and also due to the Safety Standards and Testing done by the Laboratory or R&D [Research And Development].
  3. Whey Protein: Whey Protein is very essential for baby of especially upto 6 months old or New Born baby.  The reason is that these babies are infant and have weak digestion.  So, these babies requires foods which could be easily digested without any problem and it should consists of Protein which is very essential for development of bones and body muscles.  Whey Protein is considered to be the best opetion which could be very easily digested.
  4. Essential Fatty Acids: Now another thing is that Baby Milk Powder requires Essential Fatty Acids like LA, ALA which contribute to the structural building blocks of the brain.
  5. Iron: is required for Brain Development
  6. Iodine: help in Brian Development
  7. Vitamin A: contributes to Healthy Vision
  8. Contains 12 minerals and 14 vitamins:  Very helpful for Baby Growth

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