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Here is the list of 9 Reasons why Mother Breast milk is So important for New Born Baby.

1. Perfect nutrition: Mother Breast milk is considered to be the best milk available for the baby nutrition as it contains every thing for the growth of the baby. Mother Breast milk consists of in adequate portion protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. And the most important part is that Mother Milk is very easy to digest.

2. Protection: Mother Breast Milk helps in developing immune system to resist against diseases and to fight against sickness. Mother Milk consists of “colostrum” which helps the body immune system to fight against diseases and germ which could infect baby. So, here Colostrum does this by coating your baby’s digestive system so that germs have no place to grow.

3. Helps in Reducing chances of Severs Diseases and Infections: As New Born Baby doesnot have strong immune system. Baby Immune System is developed by Mother Breast Milk only. Breast feeding helps in reducing the chances of having diarrhea, ear infections or lung infections, die of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), be overweight or obese when they are older

4. Brain power: Naturally Breast Milk is considered to be supreme Milk for Baby. Till 6 months baby should be feeded with Mother milk only. Now the Research work has came which says those children who have undergone breast feeding are having Higher Intelligence (IQ)

5. Fresh And Ready: Mother Milk is always Fresh and Available for Baby Feeding and it is mother milk is created at right temperature. Mots important part is that Mother Milk doesn’t require to heat it, boil water or sterilize bottles. Here Breast Milk is always available with mother so whenever baby needs the milk could be given Mother Milk for lactation or feeding which is 100% Pure, 100% Fresh.

6. Good for mothers too: Breastfeeding for Mother is also good as it can protect mother from diseases like breast and ovarian cancer, diabetes, heart disease. Now one more thing it happens that many women found they have gained weight after pregnancy. So, by doing Breastfeeding which will help in Reducing the weight or lossing the weight which mother has gained during the pregnancy.

7. Builds a special bond: This is true that by doing Breast Feeding Mother and Baby child bets be closer or develops a strong bond which shows mother and baby child love and affection. This is the most easy way of developing Trust between mother and baby child.

8. Advantages continue as baby grows: Research has come out that baby Milk is Self Sufficient or Full of complete Diet and for the first six months baby is given only mother milk and only after 6 months baby is started giving some kind of liquid diet. Here doctor says that mother milk should be given upto the age of 2 years.

9. Cheap and Best: Off course no doubt in it that mother milk is cheap and best to use as it helps in baby growth and saves thousands of dollars in buying Formula Powder Milk.

Recommendations and Suggestion: Our Recommendation and Suggestion is that Mother Milk is the best source of baby diet and it should be given by every mother without any hesitation.

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