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As everyone is knowing the pandemic situation due to Novel COVID 19 infection.

Now coming to the top 5 Reasons of Getting COVID19 Infections are:

1. Touching places by Hands: If anyone is working in the office then he or she might touch the tables or chairs and that table or chair might have been used by the other person who might have a COVID19 infection, Then the chances becomes to get infected.   The is the most common way of getting COVID 19 infection.

2. Using Common Places: If anyone is common places like Lifts in offices, Toilets and others which is being touched or used by everyone as it is common to use.  Then there is chances of getting infection.

3. By Shaking Hands: Another very common way of getting COVID19 infection is due to shaking hands with people while meeting.  This simply invites COVID19 infection to get transmitted from one person to another.

4. By Not Wearing Masks: Most common thing is observed that people are not wearing masks even though after several time of repeated government announcement.  It simply invites COVID19 infection to get infected.

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