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Nestle Nan Pro is another baby formula milk powder apart from Nestle Lactogen.  In fact Nestle NanPro is considered more superior than Nestle Lactogen.  Nestle Nan Pro is more costlier than Nestle Lactogen.

Nestle Nan Pro could be given to babies who doesnot enough mother mild.  It is considered to be one of the best substitute of mother milk.  Nestle Nan Pro is available for just born babies to 24 months babies i.e. 2 years.

Coming to the features of Nestle Nanpro

Nestle Nan Pro Milk Powder Formula is enriched with key nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamins A, C, and D, and Calcium to help with your baby’s development. It features the bag in the box concept for better safety and preservation of the formula.

Supports Brain Development

This formula is also infused and enriched with DHA and ARA, where the DHA helps with the normal brain development of your baby.

So, basically Nestle Nan Pro is having all the ingredients which is being required for the growth of baby and which could be the close substitute of Mother Milk.

Also, it is very safe to use for babies.

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