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When Mother is not to generate milk or not sufficient mile to feed baby.  Then we have to look for some alternative.  Abbott Similac is definitely one of the best alternatives available to feed the baby.

No doubt Abbott is a Multinational Medical Company which has presence across the world.  So, Abbott doesnot any kind of introduction about it Authencity and Trustworthy.

Now, the question comes what does the Abbott Similac consists of nutrient.  Off course every mother needs answer for this question in order to understand why to choose Abbott Similac as alternative to Mother Milk.

  1. A 19 Cal/fl oz, nutritionally complete, milk-based, iron-fortified infant formula for use as a 2. supplement or alternative to breastfeeding.
  2. No artificial growth hormones.
  3. OptiGRO™ is our exclusive blend of DHA, lutein and vitamin E: these important
    ingredients are found in breast milk.
  4. DHA for brain and eye development.
  5. Lutein to support eye health.
  6. Vitamin E, an important nutrient to support developing cells.
  7. Our exclusive formula has:
  8. Calcium for strong bones – no palm olein oil.
  9. Nucleotides to help support the immune system.
  10. Prebiotics to help promote digestive health.
  11. Carotenoids like those naturally found in breast milk.Clinically proven tolerance in newborns.1
  12. Clinically shown to support greater calcium absorption

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